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Data Reporting Tools

Reporting tools are very helpful for Users to extract data in a very simplified manner. These tools can help users to generate data in the form of charts, tables, and other visualizations. Paginated operational reports also can be created.

Data Reporting  Tools

Ennoble is always ahead in implementing the latest tools and technologies for providing sophisticated solutions to its Clients. The most widely used reporting tool by us is Jira. We use this tool to track time for various tasks handled in Projects, download time tracking reports and for a better Productivity. Jira is an internationally popular reporting tool, today. We also have used another tool called Zoho for our Projects and for Analytics.

Reporting should fit within your strategic business goals in order to be useful. There are also many use cases for reporting tools from managing performance data to allowing your customers to leverage reporting of their own data.

Data Reporting  Tools

Key Features of the Reporting tools:

  • Help in connecting precise data sources that let end users create reports relevant for their regular business affairs.
  • Envisaging data generating useful information to assist you in appropriate decision making.
  • Daily and weekly Project reports can be generated
  • Time and efforts are saved as reports need not be created manually
  • Historical data can be utilized
  • Costs can be optimized