Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most productive ways of online marketing if one wishes to appear in Google’s top search results. SEO is an ideal marketing pattern for those who want to be located by their customers for their needs when there is a competition from 1000s of me too companies and products.


We focus on increasing traffic organically to your website to gain genuine search engine results for the visitors. We achieve noteworthy results through Keyword searches, On Page optimization and Off Page optimization.

Data Points for SEO:

  • Creating a sensational website
  • Attracting Organic Traffic
  • Monitoring the speed of a Website
  • Gaining high quality backlinks
  • On Page optimization [for higher ranking of websites]
  • Off Page optimization [happens from back-linking]

We strategize and plan SEO for the business goals and ROI of our Clients.

Beginning with carrying out a health check on the current website of our Client, we design SEO strategies to increase the website’s ranking in Google pages followed by branding and monetizing of the Client’s business concepts.

Our Major Strategies for SEO

  • We optimize keyword search and titles as these steps are vital in SEO. The keywords are targeted by the web pages followed by optimizing Meta descriptions to attract visitors.
  • We add breadcrumbs to e-Commerce sites as they are navigational aids and help Users in tracking their locations within programs or websites.
  • We use Google Analytics as a major tool to track the rankings of websites and monitor the traffic that reaches them. This helps in understanding organic traffic and working towards bettering it.
  • We ensure that the loading speed of our websites is always high to ensure that we don’t lose traffic due to prolonged loading time. To achieve this we optimize the images on the sites.
  • We focus on linking genuine and relevant websites. We do this by sharing the content from similar websites and get linked to those websites. This is a very useful way of gaining advantage.
  • We connect with a lot of people in the market who know us and request them to write genuine reviews for our websites.
  • We are always on top in creating fresh and quality content as that plays a major role in gaining genuine traffic to our websites.
  • We also focus on building our websites which are mobile responsive
  • Though a difficult one, we always work on winning backlinks from competitors as they are more valued than any other backlinks.